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Monday, November 29, 2010
The holiday push is on!

Missed me? What a busy few months it's been. Last post we were busy just trying to organize and do a clean sweep, and then, boom! Mom got some freelance work that kept her on the computer all day and nights even. We couldn't get near her computer. Sometimes I thought about just sneaking on and punching a few keys just to say HI to everyone, but didn't want to upset the balance of things. Mom has been a busy bee, but I've often heard her say she felt bad for not blogging something for us.

In the last couple of weeks, I've been busy. I've been modeling for the holiday campaign. It's sell, sell, sell around here designing ads and marketing stuff, creating products and then mailing them. We are busy little elves. We're excited about the holidays this year, couldn't have come early enough it seems.

In these photos I'm wearing some cool digs that keep me warm. This green sweater is really neat, it looks like mom's old collage crew sweater, and I like my striped tube scarf too (we call them "toogz") since that was another one of Zoey's nicknames (a chocolate lab who was the chocolate peanut). Betty had a few photos taken of her too and she's also been sharing in the spotlight. The one of me wrapped in lights is the current facebook profile picture. Hopefully one or two of these items in the chocolatepeanut store will be added to your Christmas list this year.

Miles ^..^

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Monday, September 06, 2010
Labor day musings

On this Labor Day, we did a whole bunch of things that may not have been defined as a productive day (and why should it? it's a holiday), but tomorrow will be more productive because I helped mom lay the groundwork for it today. We didn't really work today, we didn't sit at the computer or anything like that. Mom is checking some emails now, so she's finally getting to my blog. She knows she has a lot of projects to do, both work and personal, and she tends to stress over tackling them all. Today we made lists to alleviate the stress. But mostly we didn't do today what we'll have to do tomorrow.

I know I'm usually still passed out at 8am snoring and dreaming, and mom may lie in bed with one eye open, but both the left and right parts of her brain are fully functioning. The day starts with such promise, thinking of all the things that are going to get done, going over the list of things she says she's going to do while lying there in bed. She struggles to accomplish so many things during the first few hours after we get out of bed. We may be asleep, but once mom gets up, we're wide awake and ready to help her conquer the day. We make sure she doesn't lose sight of the accomplishments she's set for the day. We can see she may get tired around lunchtime and especially around 2pm, but still the day begs her to start what she has promised herself and us during the morning hours while we're trying to get that last dream in.

We challenge her to really finish all the things she's planned for the week. Most importantly though, to schedule some playtime with us without getting too distracted.

I'm already looking forward to the weekend,
Miles ^..^

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Friday, September 03, 2010
Yay, my annual doctor visit!
This week I've been a busy girl. Mom decided she was going to hit the pavement this week. Not job searching, although it's always a good idea to be on the search for new opportunities and freelance work, but I mean literally as in putting on the running shoes. When she puts those on I go nuts. Knowing this, she's been outsmarting me. Before she puts on the shoes, she puts on my collar which does get me excited, but not so much when she puts it on and sits down like she's going to watch another episode of HOUSE or something. She doesn't let me see her put on the running shorts because she knows I know the difference between her regular shorts and the ones she wears when she runs. Her back isn't hurting anymore, which took awhile to get through. So, she's ready to get 'back' to working out, and I'm her right hand (wo)man—actually left hand since I heel on her left. I'm happy to see her on the pavement, and even though she gets a little discouraged when her run equals my walk at this point, it's still good to be back with her pounding it out on the road.

Also today there was another fun activity for me. No, it wasn't my birthday. It was vet day. I'm not crazy, I like going to the vet. Betty shivers when she goes. She has that face that sends shivers down all of our spines. Probably because she was there when she was really sick a few years ago and that was very traumatic for her, and scary for the rest of us too. I don't mind it so much. Sure there's a needle here and there, but the treats make me forget. Today the doctor tried to get blood out of my right front leg, but that leg wasn't cooperating, my left one was, so I'm a lefty. He told his assistant he wanted her to make sure my tail didn't stop wagging. He's so nice. He talked to mom for a while. Another assistant came in later to say that a patient had been waiting in another exam room. Then again, mom always has a lot of questions. You should see her with human doctors, she gets so frustrated though. They talked about mom's dad for a bit, his A-fib, the stroke, and the complications leading up to his death. My doctor said his mom also suffers from A-fib and how that makes a stroke a more likely event. He also said something that made mom wonder: Why are human doctors and pet doctors different? The bedside manner is a little different. For example, have you ever heard someone say, I wish the vet was my [human] doctor? Even though he brought up the question, he also said that's not a fair question. Mom tried to figure it out with him. We were quiet all the way home thinking about it. Why is that? It's a good discussion.

Whatever. When we got home, we took a one-hour run in the rain. Hurricane Earl isn't quite the monster we thought it might be.

Time for another nap,

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010
Magnetic personality

While cooking in the kitchen, I channeled mom to move these magnets on the refrigerator to say something that perfectly describes me. I couldn't have said it better myself!

...and look at this link, mom took a paragraph of a blog post I wrote last year and her computer generated this pretty arrangement! It looks a lot like what she does with words in her design work.

Well, enough words for today,

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Monday, August 30, 2010
The best laid plans...

This weekend we were part of a rather unsuccessful photoshoot. It didn't surprise any of us since it wasn't planned well. I say this because I sat around wearing a sweater on a hot evening waiting for mom to get situated. The shoot she visualized didn't really work the way she intended. Sometimes her vision isn't executed the way she wants and she gets frustrated.

We'll do another shoot in a few days and maybe she won't take on everything at one time. I mean, I think she needs to do some shots one place and other shots at another time because we tend to get bored just standing around. We're great models, no attitude, no fuss, but we do get sleepy. See, she's promoting the fall and winter dog sweaters and other gear for There's also people stuff too that's really cool. She'll photograph and design this fall campaign and try to market it, hopefully with some success this year. We'll see. But we've got to get crackin'. Fall is just about here even though it's still hot out there. I think people are ready to put on a sweater and see colorful leaves again.

After the photoshoot, we got to lick leftover gargantuan Flintstone-era beef bones. We were treated to a bone of our own individually. Betty gets cross-eyed. Cali smiles when she eats hers, but she wasn't photographed. I was, but the pics were too blurry. I acted like I didn't know what to do with that big thing. In fact I didn't know where to start. Cookie was the funniest. She kept rotating her head around to get under the bone like the good stuff was on the other side. Looking at the pics with the bones, our bug-eyes were huge! The big girls wanted to take it out of her hands and walk off with it, but she doesn't let that happen being afraid of choking hazards and all. However, we were content to let her hold them for us so we could gnaw without getting too messy. We soon forgot about the photoshoot being a bust.

Ok, back to helping mom with her stuff, it's going to be a busy week.
Miles ^..^

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Monday, August 23, 2010
Can I go?

When I learned of Cali's and Betty's escapades last Friday, I had mixed feelings. I wanted to go, but it was a girl thing. Just girls. I really think it was because mom can only handle so much at one time, like two dogs at a time. She tries to spread the fun, I mean, I get to do things with her that the others don't, and they get to do some things that I don't get to do. I guess it's fair. I think if mom had another person with her to help, then I would have gotten to go and I could've invited some of my buddies. But mom promised me she would take me to that beach or to the pond close to where I live.

Saturday came around and so did mom and the girls. She told dad before she got to the house that I was going to the pond Saturday evening, but it was starting to get gloomy outside, so it was postponed. I was all ready to go too. I had my beach towel that I was sitting on, and my snorkel and mask, just waiting for mom to get into the car. Sunday was a bust. It rained all day. Today I thought I'd try again and meet mom at the car with my gear even though it was still raining outside. I was in her seat and ready to go. But she said not today. Again. Heck, mom has gone swimming at the pond in the rain when she was training for her triathlon last year! That's alright though. I'll get to the water soon because my mom promised me.

Banana split dive!
Miles ^..^

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Friday, August 20, 2010
Hey, let's go to the beach!
Today we were lounging around as she was at the computer working, and then she stood up and said, "let's go somewhere." But where? It's too hot out for walking. And then she said, "we're going to the beach!" The what? I'm not sure I've ever been there and Cali said she hasn't gone in years. Mom packed up a bag full of towels and water and things for us and a small bag for her. Plus she has a bucket of things for us in the car, so we're always prepared. Then she put on our leashes and we were in the car and on our way with hardly any traffic on a Friday afternoon. In less than 20 minutes we were at a beautiful house with a huge field in the back. There were some other well-behaved dogs in the distance. And on the horizon was a beautiful beach at the end of a long path. Breathtaking. So enjoy our pictures and our video! I think they say it all!

pee s...Cali feels better now...


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