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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Weekend Retreat
So just after a week of having a new girl on the block, I was taken on a weekend retreat, just mom and me. We drove even further north, into the arctic zone. I went from being with 3 canine girlie types to 3 human girlie types...same thing though...they hang all over me, love me, want to play, you know....

The four-legged creatures are a little different though at this place. There's two cats, and I've seen cats at the feed store my mom takes me to, but there's rats too—pet rats. I got to see one up close. Cleveland, the orange cat, would sit up high and watch. He didn't want to play with me. He got close to me a couple of times, but wasn't interested in something further. Sorta blew the stereotype out of the water—cats and rats living in harmony under one roof, or so it seemed.

It snowed both days I was there on top of the pile of snow already on the ground. The girls bundled up before we headed outside. They liked going outside on walks up the driveway, probably to watch me poop. They'd clap at me because I put on such a good show. I tell ya, at night I was exhausted. Usually in the morning I'm the first to get up, but I just wanted to sleep in. It's exhausting being the new guy. I was on my best behavior though, because I'd like to go back again soon. Of course I like being the center of attention.

Miles ^..^

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
First Class
A couple of weeks ago, I flew a long way to my new home. That Saturday I hung out in a Florida airport with Anna, my breeder and first mom, waiting for my new mom to arrive. She kept calling Anna on the cell phone saying that flights were cancelled due to weather, but by early afternoon, two flights opened up and she grabbed a seat on one of them. She says she sat in the Atlanta airport all day watching flight after flight get cancelled due to weather and gates changing every few minutes. The anticipation of our meeting probably was fueling her energy to run from terminal to terminal which she says are like a mile apart from each other.

The plan was she would whisk me away and we'd fly back North all within the same day. But weather is a tricky thing in the South, so I got to spend one more night in the only home I knew with the bonus of my new mom in the guest bedroom. And most importantly, I spent one more night with my real mommy, Maybelline, and my buddy Boris, a minpin.

We drove to the airport the next morning. Anna said, "love you" as we got out of the car, and I was back in that airport where I was waiting around in the day before. This time my new mom and I were leaving for good. After we got the boarding passes—I had to have a ticket too—she loaded me into a soft dufflebag-like traveler's dog crate only to be taken out again in the security area. Those uniformed women looked really tough, but melted when they saw me. Then it was off on a plane back to Atlanta, but we didn't stay there for long and boarded another plane headed North. And then guess what? We got on a big plane and, even better, we rode First Class! I flew home in style! I got to poke my head out of the bag. Rooooomy. We flew into an airport in New York City. We sat there for hours as our final flight to Providence, Rhode Island, was delayed. The waiting area got really cold and mom noticed the bag I was in was starting to really shake. She pulled me out and put me in her warm lap. I think that's when our bond started.

Finally we arrived in Providence where we got into a car and drove for a while to my new home. I met the gang...two big dogs and a smaller one that looked kinda like me. I love my new home...more to come....

oh, my name is Betty....

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
a few of my fave things
I asked to have a more flattering pic of me. This pic was taken during the last big snow. Don't I look just stunning? Snow is one of my favorite things. That and toys. Ok, that too and being with mom, she's my bff :)

Oh and I think my most favorite thing is birds. Mom takes me to these hunting seminar-like things, that's what she likes to think of it as. I believe she calls it sne navhda. I call it a big party...there's other dogs like me, more birds than my nose can handle, and a bunch of people too. Since I'm a socialite, I have plenty to catch up on with the group each month when we all meet. I think the first party this year is in April. I'm a pointing machine...stylish they tell me. I'm all birdy in the field, but all flirty everywhere else.


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