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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Weekend Retreat
So just after a week of having a new girl on the block, I was taken on a weekend retreat, just mom and me. We drove even further north, into the arctic zone. I went from being with 3 canine girlie types to 3 human girlie types...same thing though...they hang all over me, love me, want to play, you know....

The four-legged creatures are a little different though at this place. There's two cats, and I've seen cats at the feed store my mom takes me to, but there's rats too—pet rats. I got to see one up close. Cleveland, the orange cat, would sit up high and watch. He didn't want to play with me. He got close to me a couple of times, but wasn't interested in something further. Sorta blew the stereotype out of the water—cats and rats living in harmony under one roof, or so it seemed.

It snowed both days I was there on top of the pile of snow already on the ground. The girls bundled up before we headed outside. They liked going outside on walks up the driveway, probably to watch me poop. They'd clap at me because I put on such a good show. I tell ya, at night I was exhausted. Usually in the morning I'm the first to get up, but I just wanted to sleep in. It's exhausting being the new guy. I was on my best behavior though, because I'd like to go back again soon. Of course I like being the center of attention.

Miles ^..^

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