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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
A Model Citizen
I spent hours the other day on the paper—not what you think—I don't do paper, I go outside. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I couldn't sit still when that big round black thing was shoved in my face.

But I've changed my mind. The other day I sorta switched it up. When she picked up that obtrusive camera and a handful of those little snack treats, I just went right over to the "paper" and sat there waiting for her to get her stuff together. I would go to that spot she would otherwise place me on, and then I'd turn around and look at her like, "are you ready?" I was actually sitting there ready for her to put on whatever apparel she had for me to wear, right on cue. She stared at me like something was wrong. I like the little tricks I play with her.

So on this tax day my message is this: don't tax your mom or dad. Just surprise them with something they want you to do without asking for it. Just appear in the very spot they want you to be in, the spot they would have picked you up and put you'll get the whole handful of treats at one me.


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Earth Hour
Betty: On March 29 at 8pm, we observed Earth Hour. The computers, the tv, the lights, everything with a switch went off. I watched mom go from room to room scrambling to make sure that each room was dark when she left it. We all gathered in the kitchen area. Candles were lit, a fire was brewing in the fireplace, and we're thinking why is she making it seem like a power outage? She absolutely dislikes those...such an inconvenience for her. This may have been an exercise in discipline, but it was really a lesson on patience. She didn't sit still for the whole hour. If she sat down, she got back up to check the fire, to pick up one of us, glare at the candles, or to look out the window wondering who else was participating on the block. She didn't want to see a single light bulb on anywhere. A car didn't even go by. Here's some after hour reflection:

Betty: Cookie where were you?

Cookie: I was buried in the foof trying to get some sleep.

Miles: I was cozy by the fire, although I was a little confused. Candles...a fire...I thought some girls were coming over for a romantic evening.

Cali: Turn off that thing will ya? Where was the switch to turn that thing off?

Miles: You talkin' 'bout me?

Betty: I was in mom's lap looking at the groovy candles.

Cali: Yeah? So was I, even though I'm 20 times bigger than you, she always manages to have me sit in her lap. That's me in the picture eyeballing those candles.

Cookie: The hour lasted way too long for mom. When I looked up, she'd be looking at the clock.

Betty: So do you think we can observe this more often? I thought it was relaxing.

Miles: It was soooo quiet.

Cookie: Rare around here.

Cali: Oh maybe we can do it again. I thought it was relaxing too even though mom was up and down. I think she was contributing to the overall statement about climate change...I think that's how she put it. We probably make a big carbon pawprint.

Betty: I bet at some point everything is going to have a carbon footprint label like food has a nutrition label.

Miles: Oh Betty, that'll be good for like licking feet, the bigger the better....

Betty: I agree with Cali, turn that thing off!

Miles: You talkin' 'bout me?

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