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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
The Chase
This picture just cracks us all up looking at it. Cali finds a toy in the backyard and starts running with it. Then us two little bugs go flying after her with our short little legs busting a gut and getting big air. But if I get into Betty's airspace, she gets all under my space. So we have our "running conversation" until we've lost track of where Cali is or run into something. I can just see mom in the background dying laughing. She can hardly take the pics. But she did manage to get us in focus, to a degree. We are quite a pair.

When we run it sounds like a bunch of racehorses, even though we're the size of footballs. One moment you can hear the rumble and if you blink, we're gone. Mom is used to the length and beauty of Cali running with her long legs and long stride. In the field she is a beautiful deer covering the ground without effort. It's obvious that we cannot catch up to her, but I try, and that's when mom loses it. I stretch my short little legs and catch some big air. I've seen some pics and I actually look like I'm flying. Frenchies do fly.

Look at us, aren't we quite the portrait? When Betty stands beside me, it's not for long. She doesn't let me beg with her...oh no. That's somehow become her area. Mom's leg is Area 51, no going there. Just the little alien herself. She gives me that "hell is a dark place" look coupled with that little high-pitched growl...eek! Then she jumps me...not in the way I like. It's another thing that makes mom laugh.

Betty is all noise, though. Sure she pounces on me, but then rolls over on her face because I perform the quick side move to the left...gets her every time. And to add to it, she tries to steal my food. Why do I look like the easy guy? Because I am, I guess. I live with three girls and they are all pushy. But I love them. I know I'm a pushover, but that's how I get all the attention. But enough about me.

Look at me, I can run faster than Betty...for now. I'm so full of myself.

—Miles ^..^

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Do you see me? No not the one licking her chops, and certainly not the one with her mug staring into the camera—Miss I'm So Cute. And definitely not the one with the orange bird feet that looks like the wicked witch's feet caught underneath that house in Kansas. That toy, an ostrich from Ikea, is one of our favorite toys. It's really a baby toy, we love that rattle sound and the lanky legs and neck that we can play tug with.

Anyway, I'm the one on the right. Those girls walk all over me. If you look closely, I actually have a smile on my face—I feel the love. Two girls in the foof, all over me, lucky me? Yes. Call me Hugh. They treat me so great though. Cali (left) is so good to me. Always looking over me, literally. Betty, however, well...she's good...and mean. But what do you expect from a little sister? She really is my half sister. She must have gotten her mean streak from her mother. She turns on the sweet charm when mom's around. What a joke! You gotta love her. She had a bad tummy bug this past weekend. Mom was all out of sorts over it, nervous, worried, and we hung back and understood. Mom said Cookie had one of these 24-hour traumas when she was 5 months old.

We three are mom's posse. We follow her everywhere. We're there for her in her good times, her weird times, her tired times. Cookie does her own thing, sort of antisocial, but there's one in every crowd. It's ok, we get it. Maybe she'll post next time and check in. BTW, Cookie is from Kansas, I would have thought Betty was from there...uh oh, don't let mom hear me say that.

Miles ^..^

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