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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Memorial Day by the fire
She sat there in a small wooden chair by the fire blazing in a small copper pit. She threw in some balled up pieces of newspaper, but the success starts with the twigs. Up here in the Northeast, the winds clip away at the branches, and the twigs litter the yard. She gathered twigs in her canvas bag and threw them in the pit...then with one swish of the smallest of twigs against a small box, there was the flame. She threw the match on the newspaper and twigs, then layered a few pieces of small split wood on top when the fire took off.

She had a coat on, even though it was late May in Connecticut, it's not warm like the South where she was from originally. Tonight there was a cool breeze, a threat of rain, so the fire pit kept her and her groupie of dogs cozy warm. One, little Betty, afraid of smoke and flames, was hidden in her jacket slightly trembling. The other, Miles, hanging off her legs like a big cat on a branch. The hunter, Cali, sat beside her on the ground watching and listening for anything in the surrounding area. And Cookie, the couch potato, was probably on the couch in the house.

She listened to a mix of music. Music she had compiled earlier that day…tunes from college days, first job days, living on her own days. Instead of a stack of cds, she has playlists with all this music—all very important music—that has defined the soundtrack of her adult life, so far. She transferred them to her iPod which was connected to a small boombox that provided the needed amplification. Years before it would've been a stack of cds or a cassette tape recorded from a stack of cds. She thumbed through the music with ease without getting up and tossing cds or tapes around to find a song. In fact, she didn't do too much thumbing at all. The playlist was next to flawless. The sequencing was perfect. The technology may change, but the music never does.

The music filled the backyard. The atmosphere was just right. Their was the slight noise from the neighbors spewing music from the 80s. Only hers spanned 3 decades. Her playlist you couldn’t top. The flames from the fire would blow smoke in her eyes making them water, or was it the music? Maybe it was that Johnny Cash song, ”I will let you down….” That's the thing about music, it can dig a little deeper than you expected, especially when that one song is attached to a feeling, a moment, a memory. She sang some of the words. Cali looked up at her and licked her cheek.

The sky was dark now, the fire was blazing, the music was great, and we were alone here. Looking back on this holiday we can remember how the music took us to a place where mom wanted to go, a warm relaxing place that doesn't usually exist...and we enjoyed going there with her.

Betty, Cali, and Miles ^..^

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