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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
It's another birthday! Mine!
Today the McDonalds bag was back. I'm 5 today. This year I'm celebrating with the little ones, Miles and Betty...Cookie is running around somewhere. They're kinda cute in those ridiculous hats mom puts on us. Unfortunately Cookie cannot have the hamburgers we get. She doesn't digest anything other than her dog food, so if there's any deviation, it comes out all wrong.

Mom got another one of those huge sweet teas. Just the thought of it reminds of the nectar of the south...a pound of sugar, caffeine, and crushed ice in every big styrofoam cup...yum. Now she just need the half pound of barbeque and hushpuppies to go with it.

These little ones are liking this crazy hamburger tradition. I enjoy the day mom and I spent together. I know she has to spread the love, but during my day, it was all about me. She bought me a de-stuffed toy, a rabbit. Since she always has to gut the toys since we always find that vulnerable spot in our toys where all the white stuff comes out. So to her delight she found some gutted toys, and she picked the rabbit. I had to gnaw on it all by myself for hours before I let the others play with it.

A few years ago, I caught my own rabbit, my version of a birthday cake. It was the night before a conformation show in Massachusetts. I caught it in the backyard and killed it. Dad was mad, mom was somewhat disappointed since she already had a cake for me that day, sorry to disappoint, but it's what I do being the hunter I am. Dad was totally disappointed because he had to bury it, and he's a vegetarian. It WAS my birthday. I think mom and dad would've really lost it though if it were a skunk. I'm waiting for one of those to slip into the backyard one night. Hope they have their stink remedies ready.

But I dont want to detract from the wonderful birthday party...
Thanks for a great day,
love, Cali

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