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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Some of my favorite toys
I wanted to blog this week because I wanted to show and tell. So I've included a gallery of my favorite toys. Pictured on the left is "chipmunky". There's a resident chipmunk in the backyard that I obsess over. He's pretty fast, zipping from under that round fan unit next to the house to a nearby oak tree. So mom bought a chipmunk that I can play with in the house. Of course after a few months, she had to gut the thing because everytime she turned around I was caught with white fluff hanging off my mouth from pulling out the filler stuff on my own. So now all my toys are pretty much gutted. On the right is "bunny" she bought me for my birthday a few months ago. She had to buy this toy for me for two reasons. One was that it came gutted! And two, a few years ago on my birthday I caught and killed a bunny in the backyard much to her dismay. So instead of the real thing, this toy bunny would suffice this year.

On the left is "gorilla", this one is a favorite. Have you ever seen an orange gorilla with a blue face and feet? I love the color choice. I also love that the legs flap around when I shake it. Not pictured is a purple and black tarantula with flappy legs, but it's the same idea. Gorilla, like tarantula, is soft too. On the right is "W". It's a small toy, that says it all I think. Mom laughs when I play with this toy, like I'm doing some strange voodoo thing when I sink my teeth in it.

On the left is an unlikely favorite, sorta boring if you look at it. Flat, no flappy legs, no crazy colors, no eyes. But it's the content of the toy. I've excelled in so many shows, obedience classes, hunting tests. It reminds everyone how great I am. The toy on the right reminds me of my favoritie activity—hunting. This is "pheasant", gutted of course, which has been around for years.

Of course I let everyone play with my toys, but I do like to play tug. So if one of the little ones picks up my toys, they're going to see me dance around them, put up with my face in theirs, and hear me bark, which usually makes them drop it. Then I'll pick up the toy and shove it in their face trying to get a game of tug going. Everytime mom asks me to come to her, I always scramble around looking for a toy to bring. I don't like to show up empty-mouthed, so I bring her one of my gifts—a toy. A toy that at one point, was a gift that she hand-selected based on several conditions, all with me in mind.

ttyl, Cali

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