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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
The holiday snow
Friday the snow started to fall. All day. It was definitely a snow day. All of us were cozy warm inside watching the snow. The humans weren't moving so fast either. Every time we were taken outside, the snow had accumulated more and more each time. Saturday when we all went outside, the snow was over the little ones' heads, so mom got the shovel and started digging pathways, as for Cali and me, we hop around in the deep stuff like deer. The little ones stick to the paths. The banks along the paths were being christened with yellow thanks to Miles.

Mom kicked some snow in the air and it stuck to Mile's face, he loved it, Betty not so much. She goes out so far and maybe runs around a path, but quickly realizes it's time to sprint back to the door. She's not a fan of the snow, much less the cold. As for me, I love two things: the couch and the snow. I love catching snowballs and dashing through it like a deer. Cali is quite a mover in the snow, but for having quite a nose, she sure loses her toys in it. She buries her face in the white stuff, but comes up empty-mouthed...some nose...guess if it were a bird, she'd find it. It continued to snow on Saturday, and dad got the snowblower to work, a small tube was clogged and gas couldn't get to the carburator. But finally once cranked, there were trails everywhere. Snow is an all-day job with the humans. Especially when a foot of it falls.

Sunday another snow storm loomed, and all the trails needed snowblower treatment again. The pathways in the backyard were even better and connected like a highway system with curves and connections and exits.

Eight more inches fell on Sunday. With Christmas just a few days away, we were sure to have a white Christmas. The next few days were cold, and not much melted until Wednesday night on Christmas Eve. A warm gush of warm wet air came through the night and quickly melted all the pathways. There was maybe an inch left of snow. So the holiday was sort of white. We loved our presents. Hope your holidays were warm, if not white.


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
The annual holiday card
We are such tools aren't we? And so well-behaved for mom's holiday card this year. All she has to do is pull that big roll of white paper out, and we know what's going to happen next. She wrapped us in a short strand of lights that held us close together...we're close for siblings...yeah Miss Thing beats up on me a little bit, but I shower her with my adorable boyish charm. Anyway, this year mom took our photo and on her laptop she drew something pretty funny, she added a photo of Cali and Cookie, and voila, it looks like we pulled a whole strand of lights off of a huge outdoor christmas tree.

Wishing you a great holiday, hugs, and frenchie kisses ;)

^..^ Miles and Betty

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