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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Birthday boy
It was my birthday this week. How did I know it was my birthday? The humans were different. "Blah blah blah birthday boy, blah blah birthday, blah blah they say it's your birthday...." The birthday word mentioned several times threw me off, but it all sounded great so I went with it. I got about the same attention, but a few different things like the pointy cap and dad taking me on errands to my fave places. I get so worked up in the car, didn't used to be that way. If I'm not telling my people, I won't divulge here.

I got to pick out one of those bones with yummy smoked stuff on it at the place where food bags are stacked way high and bins of chewies are at nose level...and the wall of toys mom and I stare at! Then dad took me to McDonalds for burgers for us and sweet tea for them. Mom, Cali, Cookie, and Betty get to share in the hamburgers. Mom got her own hamburger with a side of nuggets (pig). We like this tradition, it happens four times a year. Dad's a vegetarian, but he likes to eat the pickle in the burger. Mom always nags him about how it's touched the meat. To see me in action with my sibs, check out this cool site.

Check ya later,
Miles ^..^

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