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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
It's been awhile...
Many friends and fans have asked us if we're doing okay since there hasn't been a recent update on our blog in the past several months. We've had plenty to say, but mom has been out of sorts for the past few months getting her work done and dealing with other stuff, so she hasn't been able to transcribe all of our ramblings. She just keeps saying, "Oh yeah, I'll post it this weekend" or "Hey, that's funny, maybe I'll find some time to sit down and make that worth an entry". We tell her that "hey, it doesn't have to be a novel"! Here's a quick lowdown on what's been up with us in the past months...Mom has taken several trips to North Carolina so far this year. Work was a little light in the beginning of the year, which made travel a bit easier, but now she's swamped. We all looked at her and said BLOG!

In February, I accompanied mom on the 12-hour trek down south. Her mom (my Mimi) wasn't feeling well—had a knee replaced and so we had to oversee the transition from hospital to home. Every joint has been replaced south of the you-know-what line, namely the hips and knees. We stayed there for almost 3 weeks. I like to think I provided much pet therapy as I made everyone smile and comment. I did put a smile on Mimi's face with my antics, and so my job was done. However mom was not so amused, she was going through her own private hell playing nurse and pill dispenser, I'm surprised she didn't pop some of those pills herself. Sandra, a close friend of Mimi's, helped (bailed) us all out on many occasions! Mom took her dad to Parker's, a BBQ must do. On one stressed day, mom asked Sandra to sit with Mimi while we visited a friend in Raleigh. Mom drove the hour west in the rain. The weather got worse, so we stayed there overnight. The next day it had snowed! I live in Connecticut. South of the Mason-Dixon line, that white stuff isn't supposed to happen. I mean, really! I'm originally from Florida. But hello! The next few days had gotten much warmer so that snow didn't last. I was even playing a little ball on the tennis court. I couldn't get away from it fast enough. If you can believe this, it was approaching 80 degrees our last day in Carolina.

We eventually came back to Connecticut, and mom was back to the grind. However, a few weeks later, mom found her way back to North Carolina. Yep, she took me too. Mimi was much better. But mom had other business this time. I won't go into it now. It was much warmer though. One day mom and I relaxed in the yard reading the paper. It looked and felt like summer and it was only April! During the drive from north to south, it was so interesting to watch the progression of winter to summer in a 12-hour drive. Mom did manage to take her dad to Parkers BBQ and also took him to see his old friend and prominent artist in the area, Vollis Simpson, who designs whirlygigs out of scrap metal. On the way back to Connecticut, we did stop at mom's cousin's place in Maryland, you know, Southfork. We love it there. It's the perfect rest stop between CT and NC.

The biggest accomplishment for mom and the gang is that she has findly found the right food for us all. The most expensive food with the least amount of ingredients. All our weights and tummies are happy after much experimentation and no mixing of other ingredients necessary...thanks California Natural. Mom did live in CA at one time, it could've easily been named something else, but whatever, she found it!

Dad has finally been taking Miles to his office in Providence per mom's requests. Don't get me wrong, I like my brother, but he needs to go to work! And my big sisters Cali and Cookie are doing well. It's June and still not summer up here in CT yet...guess we need to go down to NC for a real summer.

sooner than later next time,

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