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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Blogging and tweeting, not barking
A few weeks ago we picked up a new hobby. Tweeting. Mom opened a twitter account for chocolatepeanut, On our twitter page, that's me big and bold on the left of the tweets (matches my personality). That's also me in this photo here using mom's laptop. In a matter of weeks on twitter, we've managed to get over 80 followers, most of them other dogs and a few cats. We like the variety of dog and cat icons in our following photo grid. It's like we're a global pack of dogs hovering over something kinda cool, and we don't mind a few cats getting in on the deal, they're nosy like us. Everyone there has their own thing to bark or meow about or share a creative statement, especially one tweeter, a dog who lives in doggie heaven somewhere and speaks through his human, or "Ape".

Mom is so fascinated by it all, she wants to write an article about how animals have marked their portion of the twitterverse using their own voices and points of view. She also likes that it's mostly a public forum where tweets are—and this is the best part—140 characters or less. Dogs don't need many words to convey a thought, another trait humans can learn from their dogs. Some of our "anipals" are pretty cool on there, such as the cat from Liverpool, the grandmother who mentions us during a sunday stroll, the girl that shares the same two favorite things as our mom—dogs and wine, and of course, Doozle whose crossed over. You all know who you are.

We also appreciate the #woofwednesday, #followfriday shout outs and the occasional #meowmondays. There's definitely a jargon to ramp up to, but we like learning some new tricks, not sit or stay, but the kind of tricks that keep us connected with our tweeps around the globe. As our pack gets bigger, the world gets smaller. And we've marked our corner in the facebook world too, check us out at and be our fan. We share some helpful articles and ask questions that we'd like other dogs to share with us like how you spend your birthdays or vacations. In this social networking thing, we definitely don't find much good in resource guarding, but we do like to mark our territory. So spread the poop, share with your friends, fans, and followers!

Until next post,

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