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Sunday, January 31, 2010
It's a new year!
We've been doing many things and haven't been posting in a while...need to work on that resolution to update our blog on a regular basis. Mom always says she never makes resolutions, only goals. We're counting on her to keep her goals in focus this year. She has way too many things in her bowls, so when she goes into productive mode and accomplishes what she sets out to do, she becomes giddy when she empties a bowl.

One big accomplisment this year, as far as we're concerned, is our new YouTube channel. We amuse mom and even ourselves, and now we can amuse the world with our antics. Check out our videos, they're so much fun to make as well as to look at.

Another goal for the site is an enewsletter. On the homepage is a banner with Cali's mug moving in a frame. Click it to join the Peanut Gallery—a newsletter that arrives in your inbox every couple of months packed with the latest updates, news, and links that everyone is sure to nibble on. Mom has got some fun things up her sleeve with the site, and we hope you will visit us and have a laugh.

Check us out on the social experiment known as Facebook and Twitter. We have a presence there. Mom is going to add a mini-store to our facebook page, so look for that in the coming months as well as some new products.

And finally, on this day we recognize the chocolate peanut's birthday. We are happy to continue the fun and playful, grab life by the paws, spirit that was her. She would have been twenty—another era for sure. Anyway, look out for some new stuff in 2010!

until next post,

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