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Tuesday, April 27, 2010
I love my girls
Mom took this photo of us lastnight. She was stressed about a few things and called us into her studio for a photo session. Of course we obliged. It somehow makes her feel better to pick up her camera and take pics of us—takes her mind off of other things.

Cali is bookended by my sister Betty (left) and me (right). I love my girls. I love playing with my sister Betty. We chase each other all over the house. We wrestle. We squabble. I don’t mind Betty sniping at me from time to time. Sisters and brothers do that. The best relationships squabble, move on quickly and forget it. I take anything in stride. I have the most positive outlook on things and take nothing too seriously. I love my pointer sister Cali. She looks after me and grooms me physically and emotionally. She cleans out my ears, gives me facials, and plays tug with me. She also teaches me to be strong and soft where it counts. I need them as they’ve played an integral role in creating my perfect personality. Not pictured is Cookie, the couch potato. She helps me too with life lessons. She tries to ignore me when I play with her or when I jump on her curled up on the couch. She’ll growl at me, and I’ll just prod her more, I like that hard to get thing she does. It teaches me patience and persistance, often lacking in dudes I hear. I don’t always need affection to show love. I just like attention of all kinds.

The end of this week will be a bit of a culmination of several years of watching my humans deal with things I don't fully understand. I think of it like mom mixing up our dinner with a few parts dry kibble, a few parts broth, a few parts mom's leftover steak bits. I see their life right now is made up of a few parts emotional reflection, several parts needing a change of venue, another part wanting to create new situations, and some parts just starting over. I’m not good at math or cooking or even analogies, so I don’t know how that makes up a good bowl of food. And I haven’t seen how their situation affects us much right now, but I hear it in mom’s voice that something is brewing. She voices her feelings to me. I feel her squeeze me extra tight when she holds me. We’ve watched mom and dad bring all of these ingredients I mentioned to the table, yet they always seem so stoic on the outside. But on the inside, we never know (and neither do most other people) how they deal with all those human things.

I know that mom plays the biggest role in how I've become who I am. She’s taken care of me and shaped me all these years into being the perfect specimen that I am. And I love her for that. She’ll always be my best girl.

Miles ^..^

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
A whole new medium

Mom has video cameras, nothing new here, but she says they're a hassle. When she pulls out her little silver handheld, she'll open up that door so she can see us through it and this voice will say, "insert memory card". She hates that! But for the holidays she got something that is so easy for her to deal with that I think she has it on her person all the time...hmmm, her person...did I say that? Ok, she carries it around alot. Anyway, it's like her third iPod nano—the video one. No cards, no battery, except that she plugs it into a wire on her laptop every now and again which is second nature since she plugs all sorts of gadgets into her laptop.

But to charge a little battery in a wall socket and insert it into the camera, or even worse to go somewhere with the camera only to realize the battery is still in a gadget in the wall is not a good thing. And equally annoying is to insert a memory card into the camera and have to hear her swear when she discovers that it's full or to realize she's forgotten that too because it's still in the gadget back on her desk. Mom bought this swank holder for all the gadgets and wires and tries to remember to haul that with her when she takes trips, but she likes the simplicity of this thin stick for a video camera. And we like it when she's happily filming us.

When she's done getting footage of us, she'll plug the stick into her laptop and then the magic of editing begins. We sit around giving her ideas on what works and which scene needs to make the final cut and what would be better left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

This feature video "Shake it up!" I'm mom's leading star because I'm oozing with personality and excellent comedic timing she says. Here I am playing with my older sister Cali's toys. We'll play a round of tug and then she'll give up and let me have it. I'll shake it up. Mom is in stitches when I shake things up! She just can't resist me.

Check out more videos of me and my pointer sisters at's youtube video channel.

Miles ^..^

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