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Thursday, May 13, 2010
Call me "the man"
I'm called all kinds of names..."boy man", "little man", "big man", "boo man foo"...but my favorite one is "gentle man". I'm a man and sometimes that word gets all kinds of making fun of, but I defy all the stereotype and fuss. I have to defend my gender just a little. We are tough. We're a little absent-minded at times. We need to be picked up after...and fed. Okay, I guess we need a little help at times from the girls. I know I do. But I know mom needs my help. So I oblige.

When mom leaves, Cali either gets put into the screened back porch where she jumps up on the porch couch and looks at birds, or she goes into her crate inside, whichever mom decides. Cookie goes into her crate. And if mom isn't taking Betty with her on a car ride, then she goes into her crate. I have a crate too, but I prefer Betty's crate, it's private with little windows. It's the perfect size for me and there's a cushy dog bed that fits perfectly inside, and I know Betty loves it in there. She keeps that crate open for me to go in throughout the day when I want some privacy. But I don't get put in my crate. Mom tells me to be zoo keeper and "man" the house while she's gone. All the crates are in a room and there's a small couch where I curl up and overlook my harem. I have a very important job. Sometimes I fall asleep on the job, because when mom comes home, I don't hear her open the door. She'll come into the room and look for me passed out on the couch. But other times I do hear her come in, and I don't go to greet her because I don't want her to forget that my girls are in those crates and they need to be let out! First she goes to Cali's crate because she makes the loudest noise, so I show mom where her crate is. It's important that she knows I think. Then I escort Cali to the door. But my job isn't done. I also try to show mom where Cookie's crate is so that she can let her out too. She lets everyone out one at a time. I think because she said she didn't want a stampede. I don't blame her because usually I get tossed around and stepped on. Then she lets little Betty out, and I have to show mom where her crate is too. She is very grateful for my help.

Also I think she really appreciates that I wait at the top of the steps for her while she does what she needs to do before she goes downstairs. Dad and the girls can go flying down the stairs, but I wait. I know that mom is coming soon whether she's changing her clothes or washing her hands or washing clothes in the machine. She needs me to keep her company so that we can go down the stairs together. Who wants to be left alone? I don't. So I wait. Patiently. When she walks down the hall to meet me at the top of the steps, she thanks me for being a gentle man. I think a hu man can learn a lot from me.

Waiting until next post,
Miles ^..^

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