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Friday, May 21, 2010
Helping me help her
She's been gone for a long time. Well, since Tuesday. Her dad is in the hospital because he had a stroke. A bad one. And so she flew away. Since I think of myself as Betty, MD (see previous posts), I will impress you with my medical jargon, but really I'm a good mockingbird, I overheard her say these words on the phone: he had a hemorrhagic stroke. So basically his brain has a pool of blood and it's causing pressure on his brain...she said some other words that sounded like he has a bloody spider alien pushing his brain. I wish she could have taken me, I'm also nurse Betty! I make rounds and I make others feel better by default, which is to say, just by looking at me. Although I don't sit in anyone else's lap but hers. I know she needs my therapy, so in her absence, my dad sends pics of me and the rest of the pack to keep her company. Today was a special treat for me. I got to go to work with him today.

It was a special treat for her too even though she wasn't with me. And I heard that her day was really awful. So my dad sent photos documenting my busy day in hopes to cheer her up. I hear it worked. There was the ride to the office in the truck, the ride to the third floor in the elevator, my morning nap in a sun spot, my lunch at the barbeque restaurant, my afternoon nap, and me conked out on the commute home. Turns out I went to a barbeque restaurant before she did, and she's in barbeque central right now, usually that's her first stop when she goes down to North Carolina. This time her first stop was the hospital to visit her dad. I appreciate mine for helping my mom during such a difficult time. Moms and dads help us all the time in really rough times, and sometimes—during the worst times—they really help each other.

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Blogger The Teacher's Pets said...

Hi Betty,
I am so sorry I haven't been over to your blog lately but between trying to help my tabby cat, Henry, get over his Writer's Block Illness and my busy pet sitting schedule I barely have time to post let alone comment but I'm sure you understand!
I was sad to read that your mom is having a tough time at the hospital with her dad in NC and I think sending pictures of yourself to her really cheered her up a lot! Have you met your mom's dad? And how is he doing now?
I think you are doing a pawsome job at blogging while your mom is away!

7:56 PM  
Blogger said...

thanks daisy, hope henry gets over his blockage, we understand...betty was a sweetheart to send me pics of her, they all did. Betty got to meet my dad (jan 12, 09 post). dad thought she was so little and smart...he started having a heart condition this past feb. and he eventually passed away from a stroke, complications from the heart issue...less pain for him now...i miss him. ~renee

9:04 PM  

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