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Thursday, May 06, 2010
Pick me up

Last week Miles was playing around in the backyard chasing Cali with a usual...and then mom got an idea. She's seen on youtube several videos of frenchies playing with gargantuan beach balls, the fancy name being yoga ball. Mom has two of them—wink—she has a huge one and a smaller one, and so she thought of getting the smaller one out of the basement. She told Cali and me that she just wanted to play with Miles alone with the ball to see how he'd react on his own without us distracting him. He went ape poo over that ball! He. just. loved. it. When the ball would bounce, he jumped up. When it landed, he tried to stop it so that he could grab it. He's got a big mouth, but not big enough to wrap his lips around that ball. But then he'd just use his big mouth to bark at it when it stopped moving. He wasn't making much sense, his words were all jumbled.

We watched from the porch. Cali was doing her whistling routine to join him, and I was yelling that sentiment too. Finally she let us out to play ball too. Cali wasn't interested in that big ball, she would grab a toy and run around wanting Miles to chase her. But he was too preoccupied with that ball. That left me to chase after Miles' hind legs which really bugs him because he cannot possibly do anything with me slowing him down trying to grab his legs in my mouth.

Then mom decided that the backyard had too many obstacles—flower beds, trees, rocks, and besides, it just wasn't aesthetically pleasing what with pee marks burned in the grass and all. So later that day when the sun wasn't right overhead, she took Miles and me to a big, beautiful park at the Town Hall. The grass is like infinite plush carpet, and she could throw that ball anywhere and the background would be green. She took the video camera with her to document the excitement already storyboarded in her mind. I didn't much care to chase Miles chasing the ball and stealing his show. I stood back and watched and wanted to be close to my mommy, and actually I ended up stealing the show. It was an unplanned video, and mom decided it would be a perfect tribute to moms of 4- (and yes 2-) legged kids everywhere. Enjoy.

Happy Mother's Day,

p.s. Miles' video is coming soon.

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Blogger Petsitgal said...

Hello there! I just made a comment to the Daily Puglet and I scrolled up and found your comment and then I found out something very, very are a New Englander just like me! I live in Manchester, NH, and I wonder where you live! It would be so coincidental if we were close neighbors wouldn't it? I have to check out the links at the top of your blog page to find out more about you and your pups! Great blog! I look forward to reading your blog posts from now on...I am your newest follower!

4:42 PM  
Blogger said...

hi petsitgal

welcome to our blog april...we just moved to Providence from a little town in CT...we're adjusting but have plenty to blog about, so stay tuned...glad you're joining us...

5:10 PM  

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