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Monday, May 03, 2010
Remembering Earth Day
Oh geez, mom was doing a way back moment a minute ago. She was on the phone talking to one of her college girlfriends and they were reminiscing about the day when they attended Earth Day on the National Mall in DC one warm Saturday back in April 1990. Mom had heard about a get together planned for Earth Day to celebrate ways to help conserve and protect the planet. The key phrase being "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle". Her college friend visited that weekend not really knowing she'd be visiting during a huge event so it was quite convenient that planning a great weekend was already in the bag. Checking out the festivities was the plan for that Saturday. Little did they know that day would be quite the historical event. More than 800,000 people flooded the Mall. Everybody was there: Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Michael Stipe, 10,000 Maniacs, mom, and her friend. We chuckle when she tells the story like she and her friend were part of the headlining acts. One of the results from that year's Earth Day? The H.J. Heinz Company announced on Earth Day that it would stop purchasing tuna caught using techniques that kill dolphins. Bumble Bee Seafoods and the Van Camp Seafood Company did the same thing.

Turning the clock forward 20 years, we all think nothing of doing the things that seemed so pioneer back then like throwing the plastic, glass, and some metals into a special recycling bin. Taking reusable bags to the grocery store that hold way more than those plastic bags that live forever in landfills. Wearing the same thing everyday and not taking a bath for almost a week—oh wait, we weren't supposed to say that. Recycling isn't easy, but we make a conscious effort everyday to help out and be green. Cali is pretty talented at retrieving things, putting something in the bin is a little tricky because she sometimes misses, and Miles, well, he's still working on picking up things on cue. It's funny, mom sits at her computer all day with images of dolphins, fish, and the coral reef on her screen working on educational materials for a big foundation whose purpose is creating awareness about our oceans and sea life. So she contributes in other ways besides recycling and being careful not to waste energy.

And while we know Earth Day may have been on the calendar a few weeks ago, we think it's everyday, but thought we'd post on the subject anyway. But somehow, no matter how many little things we do at home, something big happens that seems to take us backward like that oil spill in the Gulf. It's time to really consider other sources of energy like wind power for example. They look a lot cooler out on the horizon than an oil rig, and besides, an air spill probably wouldn't hurt anybody.

Until next post,
Cali and Miles

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