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Friday, June 18, 2010
Press the panic button
I have to admit I get so many privileges (like asking Google how to spell that word). I get to be on mom's lap a lot. I get a bunch of treats (but I know that she makes them really small so that I think she's giving me a bunch of them). She lets me do so many things with her. I even get to see if she's drinking a chardonnay or a moscato. Almost everytime mom gets in the car, I get to go too. I even get to go inside some of the places that she goes, like the bank. I put on my best show. I wriggle around and do my cashew dance. If you look really closely you can see my nub for a tail move. I pop my ears back and forth, close my mouth tight so that my cheeks get fat, and when I'm looking my most adorable during my "look at me" dance, I play keep-away. When someone tries to bend over to touch me, I run to my mom's leg and stand up pleading to her with my sad eyes to pick me up. I break mom's heart over and over with my sad face as I softly grip her legs with my paws. I have velcro-itis. When people do manage to catch me and pick me up, my ears go into a strange position—not backwards or forwards—but to the side, the fear in my eyes is gut-wrenching, my teeth are clenched tight, and my whole body freezes. All I can do is look for mom. It bothers her to see me so stressed. But I know mom loves it that I'm just her little monster.

The other day mom was getting ready to get in the car and go on errands. She left me in the car. She said she'd be right back, but I guess I lost my hearing during my panic attack. She left the keys in the seat. I noticed on the keychain is a black thing with buttons, one being a red panic button. So after a few minutes of desperately waiting for her to get back to the car, I pushed that button because I was panicking, so I figured that was the time to press that button. Whoa. That sound made mom move faster than Cookie running with something in her mouth she's not allowed to have. It worked. She was back to the car—and me—in no time. I'll have to remember that trick even though I didn't realize at the time the power of that button. Which proves that I truly am mom's little monster.

What ways have you learned to get your human's immediate attention?

Until next post, don't panic.

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