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Friday, July 30, 2010
To sniff or not to sniff...
So this week has been a very busy week for us and our mom. I think we've been in the car more than we've been enjoying our beds. That's good though, we like being on the move. We've been to this new place that's quite different from what we're used to. A bike path. A walking path. A running path. But more importantly, a dog path. Every morning this week we've gotten in the car. And every morning it seems she's starting to get this dog walking thing figured out with each day. Everyday is an experiment she says.

It's been somewhat of an adventure. We get this great one-on-one time with her. Cali gets to sniff for wildlife, I get to see new people...and it gets better. This wonderful elderly couple has been on the path when we're there about the same time each day. And they love frenchies. That means attention. And treats. Mom likes them too, which is important. Interestingly, she decides who we get to talk to, and she doesn't use her nose. She even filters what dogs we sniff! I'm not really sure about her logic. It seems other dogs are connected to their humans' leashes in more ways than one, and we have no idea what that means. I think she senses the humans. Strange communication. City life.

It gets even more complicated in the blogosphere. On some dog blogs, dogs—or their humans—acknowledge us when we're allowed to sniff—uh, comment—and some don't. And that goes with our blog too. But, she really wants us to be social and make a connection with everyone, to be better bloggers. It's one big dog park, right? She loves it when dogs reach out to us, and we welcome all, and try to respond. At dog parks we hear the same thing goes, and we'll start to examine some next week here in the city. When you live in the country all your life, you get set in your ways and you just hang with your own pack. And when you start to explore a city, the whole dynamic changes (nice word mom). That's what the dog blog world feels like—it's all new area. Next week we'll have some more great pics from this concept known as social networking.

We'd like to know what you think about real dog parks, sniffing out new friends, and the virtual dog park known as the bloggiesphere?

Betty and Cali

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Monday, July 26, 2010
Miles Daisies

I had a really relaxing weekend with the girls. It was hot and steamy outside during the days. Then on Saturday, there was a big thunderstorm in the afternoon that snuck up on us. Cali was ok though, she panted some. I think mom was on the panicky side this time and tried not to show it, but when the lightning and thunder happened at the same time and knocked the power out briefly, she bolted up from her chair and Cali saw that. I don't think mom wanted her to see that. In the cool of the evening after the storm had blown on by, I was outside chasing Cali and Cookie or getting chased by Betty.

We run so fast, it's a challenge to get us in focus, even the blurry photos show our speed. Then we'd pile up on the foof and relax to some cool jazzy music from Miles Davis. Cool name huh? Not sure if I was named after him or not. The highlight of my weekend wasn't going in the car—too hot, or getting into the little kiddie pool—too cold since she just filled it up Saturday morning. And nope, it wasn't even the bits of mom's grilled steak in my dinner Sunday night—although I love it when she does that.

The best part is when she takes me for a walk by ourselves. Just me and the big girl. There's several patches of daisies that we walk by. I like to hide in them and then poke my head through. That's one hide and seek game, mom doesn't mind so much. I bet you can't see me camouflaged in the flowers because I like to be one with nature. There's daisies everywhere. I'm always tempted to eat them, but I'm told I can't. What is a favorite thing your person does for you?

Stay cool!
Miles ^..^

Friday, July 23, 2010
Nap time
In the middle of the day, or pretty much all day long, we can be found napping. I like to lie in the big dog bed called the "foof" and next thing I know, there's a little one curling up beside me. The frenchies jump up on it like fleas it seems like, especially Betty. She leaves the floor from all four feet in one powerful leap. Mom wants to film it and play it back in slow motion. Everyone likes to be in the foof, even the humans, and we'll pile up on them—that's how big it is. It's going to be a lazy weekend around here. This post is fairly short since it's time for me to take a nap, but I just wanted to check in. Miles is looking forward to his post on Monday and so are we.

Have a good weekend,

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Issues? Me?
So I have a couple of issues. My brother goes and rats on me this week on another blog saying I used to eat my own poop. Then yesterday mom took me on some errands. She quickly went into one store and had to leave me in the car. It was overcast and not hot, windows were open, and I didn't pant, but still she rushed in and out. Before we parked, this blond woman pulled up beside us in a big fat white truck. I heard mom say, "oh great" in her sarcastic tone which I totally picked up on. But still, I wondered what she meant by OH GREAT. Sometimes she doesn't like it when people park beside us or when people park at the same time as us because then she has to either make up some silly small talk with the person walking in the same general direction from car to store in the parking lot or either pretend she's walking into the store alone and doesn't really "see" the person, whichever is more appropriate for her. As for me, I see everybody and wiggle or bark to make my presence known. Mom is not like that.

So anyway mom comes back to the car and shoves me to the other seat after she tried to kiss me. And then she talked to me. I admit I didn't really act like I was super excited to see her when she put me up to her face. She said, "Betty you are so entitled aren't you?" She also said, "I can hear you wail at the top of your lungs from when I leave the car until I go into the store and THAT'S why I'm not thrilled for others to witness that." Then she tells me, "And here I'm back and you act like I'm supposed to be here so you're not happy to see me?" Apparently, that blond woman ratted on me in the store. Mom said she tried to avoid her in the store because she knew that woman heard me in the parking lot. Unfortunately, they ended up at the register together, and sure enough, that woman said, "your dog sounds like she's suffering some separation anxiety" and THEN asked if we've watched Cesar? So mom continues, "Yeah Betty, I told her that you have a serious case of velcro-itis." The woman sounded like she was kidding, but was she? Mom has told me that she loves that about me! I'm confused. I show her that wiggly gooey loving sometimes. You'd think I was a "guy" who doesn't show affection stuff all the time, yet freaks out when she walks 10 feet away or disappears out of sight if only for a minute.

All was fine when she took me into Lowes though. I love that store, everyone loves me and I turned it on for the woman at the register. I could tell she couldn't get enough of me. I'm still getting the feel of being in the push cart because when mom leaves me to walk over to an item, I get nervous even though she says she's not going far. So mom walks to the car and says to me, "Betty you sure turn it on for everyone else you don't know, but you definitely share a blood vessel with me because without me, you fall apart."

She's right I guess...the spooky thing is that when we got home and mom turned on the tv, you're not going to believe what was on...yep, Cesar.

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Monday, July 19, 2010
Mondays with Miles

I've had this idea for awhile, and I thought I'd meet with mom and run the idea by her. I've waited for the perfect opportunity and thought I'd ask her this past weekend. A few days before I asked her I threw in a few of my adorable antics. I licked her legs, gave her kisses when she least expected them, followed her everywhere, sat next to her when she got cozy on the couch—the usual stuff, just heightened a bit. Her back has been feeling better and she's been progressing with projects, so I thought I'd hit her up with mine. 

It was a closed-door meeting—just mom and me. I pitched my idea that I wanted my own blog. I wanted to go solo, you know, diversify, do a spin-off type thing. I see other dogs do it by themselves and thought I could too. My feelings were:

- I blog more than the girls do and blogging more might get more hits.
- Maybe my posts are more entertaining and would get more hits.
- I wanted to build a brand for myself and be a big hit.

She looked at me with her hand to her mouth, then she looked around, but I know her ears were tuned to me. She petted my head, stood up and walked around a little while complaining about her back (which made me feel an ounce of guilt), but all the while she carefully listened and digested my proposal even when she got fidgety. Then she waited a few minutes and sat back down and put me in her lap. Uh oh. She then asked me a series of questions:

- What about how the others might feel, since they enjoy blogging too?
- That it's a little extra work for her to create a new blog for me while maintaining one for them. 
- That if we all pitch in and manage our schedules better we could blog more often.
- Would people look at yet another blog since there's so many good ones out there to read?
- And did I realize it would mean I'd have to take extra time from my naps to blog a lot more?
- She's trying to solidify a brand too—the chocolatepeanut one—and we ALL contribute to that.

She had some really good points. And so we talked a little more. She also added that the others like to be included in the things that I do because I'm just so cool, which is also true. Then she said, "Boy, let me think on it and maybe we can come up with a compromise." She gave me a treat and I went outside to play with Cali.

In the meantime she gave me this really cool squeezy heart that I thought was a sweet gesture while she mulled over the idea. I cherish it. I hold it in my mouth gently. I take it when others get near it and find a place where I can sit with it. Of course the other day Cali had to take a chunk out of it. Mom said, "Did she take a piece of your heart?" She laughed at her own joke, but now I won't let anyone mess with it anymore. It wasn't funny.

So this morning she met with me and we went over the new plan. I would be featured one day a week and we'd call it "Mondays with Miles". Clever. I really liked that idea. I could be a star one day a week with my own title and still let my girls blog on the days I don't feel like it (she's always looking out for me). She'd even let me have my photo big at the top with a fancy header. I even got to do a special photoshoot for my special Monday posts and picked out this sexy, yet demure photo of me at the top of my post. She said it could be big. So we agreed to let's go this route for awhile. So here we go! And off I go with my special rubber heart.

Miles ^..^

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Friday, July 16, 2010
The past few mornings when I wake up my ears have been bothering me, especially my left ear, so I dig into them with my back foot. That drives mom crazy, especially when I start snorting, which means I'm really digging in there and probably causing more trouble. This morning I was really going at it, and I wish mom hadn't caught me. But my ear looked like it was falling off so I wasn't hiding it well. This morning I probably needed mom's help and since my one ear was red, she decided to fix it.

She woke up and started looking in cabinets. She gathered a handful of bottles, cotton balls, Qtips, and something from the refrigerator which wasn't ear drops (where are her readers?), instead found that bottle in her doctor bag. She took me outside and put me in her lap. First she took her liquid dispenser thing and put some of it in my ear, rubbed my ears to hear that liquidy sound, and then wiped out the excess. She carefully took the Qtips and found what looked like fudge in the caves. I couldn't believe I collected all that, but my ears are sorta big and can catch a lot of things. Then she put the medicine drops in and rubbed my ears again. She doesn't really like it when I shake my head since the liquid sprays out of my ears and onto her shirt and face. She kissed my face and let me go shake it all out. This picture of me doesn't really show what I look like when my ear is hanging halfway to the floor, but I can tell you, I'm not really happy in this photo.

My brother waddled around the yard eating grass and sniffing dirt, but kept a safe distance from me since he wanted no part of what was happening to me. Mom doesn't really like it when he goes sniffing around because he always shows up at her feet looking like this. I don't know why he does it because he really doesn't like it when mom puts the paper towel to his face. Boys are gross.

Have a good weekend,

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Oh my aching back
That's me. Underneath that fur ball of sassy–um...sisterly love is sweet, loveable me. I'm a pushover. I get walked on, sat on, tripped over. It's ok with me, I do feel the love. Cali keeps my ears and face clean. My sister Betty, well, she licks my face, not to groom me, but to get any food bits after dinner. I see right through her. I haven't fully understood why she sits on top of me, but she does it all the time. I think because it's her way of being close to me, sure it may be because she wants to be warm, but it's the middle of summer and it's hot! So I think it's because deep down she wants to be close to me. Cookie acts like I'm not around, but she plays with me in the backyard by spinning around and barking, then she starts running knowing I'll chase her. If I don't, she stops and looks at me like "well"?

Which brings me to saying I feel kinda bad that we haven't been showing our love by blogging more. We need to fix that. I know people have wondered where we are lately. Mom has an achy back and she doesn't like sitting in front of the computer much this week, or last week. So we've all been resting lately during these warm days. She says it hurts her lower back to sit for a long time, and then when she stands up, she doesn't quite make it fully vertical. We feel her pain. Cali stands beside her and helps her stand up when she's sitting on the floor. Mom's been trying these yoga stretches to help her get flexible. We think it's working. She says her back is like the stock market, every few years it crashes. She's been through a lot lately. She also says her lower back is like a sponge—absorbs everything. She's also been lifting a lot of boxes up lots of stairs as well. I think she's admitted it's her fault, but she's been sad about her dad too, so I think it all adds up.

So anyway I've had an idea for a while now, and a couple weeks ago I wanted to bring it up to mom, but when she started complaining about her back, I decided not to ask. I'll wait a few days.

We've been trying to show our love by reading other blogs lately and hope that more of you will read and follow us. We think you'll have fun with us here.

feelin' the love,
Miles ^..^

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