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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Issues? Me?
So I have a couple of issues. My brother goes and rats on me this week on another blog saying I used to eat my own poop. Then yesterday mom took me on some errands. She quickly went into one store and had to leave me in the car. It was overcast and not hot, windows were open, and I didn't pant, but still she rushed in and out. Before we parked, this blond woman pulled up beside us in a big fat white truck. I heard mom say, "oh great" in her sarcastic tone which I totally picked up on. But still, I wondered what she meant by OH GREAT. Sometimes she doesn't like it when people park beside us or when people park at the same time as us because then she has to either make up some silly small talk with the person walking in the same general direction from car to store in the parking lot or either pretend she's walking into the store alone and doesn't really "see" the person, whichever is more appropriate for her. As for me, I see everybody and wiggle or bark to make my presence known. Mom is not like that.

So anyway mom comes back to the car and shoves me to the other seat after she tried to kiss me. And then she talked to me. I admit I didn't really act like I was super excited to see her when she put me up to her face. She said, "Betty you are so entitled aren't you?" She also said, "I can hear you wail at the top of your lungs from when I leave the car until I go into the store and THAT'S why I'm not thrilled for others to witness that." Then she tells me, "And here I'm back and you act like I'm supposed to be here so you're not happy to see me?" Apparently, that blond woman ratted on me in the store. Mom said she tried to avoid her in the store because she knew that woman heard me in the parking lot. Unfortunately, they ended up at the register together, and sure enough, that woman said, "your dog sounds like she's suffering some separation anxiety" and THEN asked if we've watched Cesar? So mom continues, "Yeah Betty, I told her that you have a serious case of velcro-itis." The woman sounded like she was kidding, but was she? Mom has told me that she loves that about me! I'm confused. I show her that wiggly gooey loving sometimes. You'd think I was a "guy" who doesn't show affection stuff all the time, yet freaks out when she walks 10 feet away or disappears out of sight if only for a minute.

All was fine when she took me into Lowes though. I love that store, everyone loves me and I turned it on for the woman at the register. I could tell she couldn't get enough of me. I'm still getting the feel of being in the push cart because when mom leaves me to walk over to an item, I get nervous even though she says she's not going far. So mom walks to the car and says to me, "Betty you sure turn it on for everyone else you don't know, but you definitely share a blood vessel with me because without me, you fall apart."

She's right I guess...the spooky thing is that when we got home and mom turned on the tv, you're not going to believe what was on...yep, Cesar.

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Blogger Bunta + Yumi said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I love to know new Frenchie furiends!!
You are so cute :D


5:46 AM  
Blogger Mack said...

I am a total momma's boy so I can relate. I get so upset when my mom comes home from work and then leaves again!

6:10 AM  
Blogger Kitty+Coco said...

Sorry, it is all my fault that your young poo eating was exposed. Very well played "separation anxiety" move. Mom says that your mom might be her twin or something, because she likes making small talk about as well as a root canal. Really though, why shouldn't you be able to go into every store? Love that you really turned it on for the cashier. That my friend will get you another trip inside.

Kitty and Coco

4:02 PM  
Blogger said...

it's ok kitty + coco, i was happy to see i was mentioned that day, any publicity is good! mom laughed her butt off from your comment about making small talk. there's an outside mall with nice stores, and mom can take me in those! they're dog friendly and i really behave and the people tell me so. that makes mom feel good. i got my picture taken in J. Crew!! we need more stores like that!

~ betty

10:13 AM  

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