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Monday, July 26, 2010
Miles Daisies

I had a really relaxing weekend with the girls. It was hot and steamy outside during the days. Then on Saturday, there was a big thunderstorm in the afternoon that snuck up on us. Cali was ok though, she panted some. I think mom was on the panicky side this time and tried not to show it, but when the lightning and thunder happened at the same time and knocked the power out briefly, she bolted up from her chair and Cali saw that. I don't think mom wanted her to see that. In the cool of the evening after the storm had blown on by, I was outside chasing Cali and Cookie or getting chased by Betty.

We run so fast, it's a challenge to get us in focus, even the blurry photos show our speed. Then we'd pile up on the foof and relax to some cool jazzy music from Miles Davis. Cool name huh? Not sure if I was named after him or not. The highlight of my weekend wasn't going in the car—too hot, or getting into the little kiddie pool—too cold since she just filled it up Saturday morning. And nope, it wasn't even the bits of mom's grilled steak in my dinner Sunday night—although I love it when she does that.

The best part is when she takes me for a walk by ourselves. Just me and the big girl. There's several patches of daisies that we walk by. I like to hide in them and then poke my head through. That's one hide and seek game, mom doesn't mind so much. I bet you can't see me camouflaged in the flowers because I like to be one with nature. There's daisies everywhere. I'm always tempted to eat them, but I'm told I can't. What is a favorite thing your person does for you?

Stay cool!
Miles ^..^


Blogger The Mama Monster said...

Super cute!!!

Lola Bugs

1:56 PM  

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