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Monday, July 19, 2010
Mondays with Miles

I've had this idea for awhile, and I thought I'd meet with mom and run the idea by her. I've waited for the perfect opportunity and thought I'd ask her this past weekend. A few days before I asked her I threw in a few of my adorable antics. I licked her legs, gave her kisses when she least expected them, followed her everywhere, sat next to her when she got cozy on the couch—the usual stuff, just heightened a bit. Her back has been feeling better and she's been progressing with projects, so I thought I'd hit her up with mine. 

It was a closed-door meeting—just mom and me. I pitched my idea that I wanted my own blog. I wanted to go solo, you know, diversify, do a spin-off type thing. I see other dogs do it by themselves and thought I could too. My feelings were:

- I blog more than the girls do and blogging more might get more hits.
- Maybe my posts are more entertaining and would get more hits.
- I wanted to build a brand for myself and be a big hit.

She looked at me with her hand to her mouth, then she looked around, but I know her ears were tuned to me. She petted my head, stood up and walked around a little while complaining about her back (which made me feel an ounce of guilt), but all the while she carefully listened and digested my proposal even when she got fidgety. Then she waited a few minutes and sat back down and put me in her lap. Uh oh. She then asked me a series of questions:

- What about how the others might feel, since they enjoy blogging too?
- That it's a little extra work for her to create a new blog for me while maintaining one for them. 
- That if we all pitch in and manage our schedules better we could blog more often.
- Would people look at yet another blog since there's so many good ones out there to read?
- And did I realize it would mean I'd have to take extra time from my naps to blog a lot more?
- She's trying to solidify a brand too—the chocolatepeanut one—and we ALL contribute to that.

She had some really good points. And so we talked a little more. She also added that the others like to be included in the things that I do because I'm just so cool, which is also true. Then she said, "Boy, let me think on it and maybe we can come up with a compromise." She gave me a treat and I went outside to play with Cali.

In the meantime she gave me this really cool squeezy heart that I thought was a sweet gesture while she mulled over the idea. I cherish it. I hold it in my mouth gently. I take it when others get near it and find a place where I can sit with it. Of course the other day Cali had to take a chunk out of it. Mom said, "Did she take a piece of your heart?" She laughed at her own joke, but now I won't let anyone mess with it anymore. It wasn't funny.

So this morning she met with me and we went over the new plan. I would be featured one day a week and we'd call it "Mondays with Miles". Clever. I really liked that idea. I could be a star one day a week with my own title and still let my girls blog on the days I don't feel like it (she's always looking out for me). She'd even let me have my photo big at the top with a fancy header. I even got to do a special photoshoot for my special Monday posts and picked out this sexy, yet demure photo of me at the top of my post. She said it could be big. So we agreed to let's go this route for awhile. So here we go! And off I go with my special rubber heart.

Miles ^..^

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Blogger said...

Congratulations Miles for getting your own column! We're not Monday types anyway...

Betty, Cali, and Cookie

5:54 PM  
Blogger BRUTUS said...

Hey there Miles! Saw you were following my blog and thought I'd pop over to say hi. Your pack resembles mine (two Frenchies and a chocolate lab here), but I guess you already saw that if you've read a post or two. Glad to see that mom did the respectable thing and gave you a voice on the blog. I'd push for a facebook page too if I were you :)

Brutus the Frenchie

11:15 PM  
Blogger said...

Hi Brutus, glad you stopped by. I do a lot of blogging on here and thought hhmmm, I should have my own blog, but mom pulled the ol' compromise maneuver and said I could have my own day in lights (mondays) like a column, so I'm cool with it. I have asked her for a facebook page and I think she might do it, but just for me, not the others :)

btw chocolatepeanut is the nickname for mom's chocolate lab she used to have.


11:25 PM  
Anonymous Cisco said...

Miles, well done! i love it! "Monday with Miles"
Tell your mom that she is pretty special giving you your own day.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Kitty+Coco said...

Count us in for every Miles Monday. You are cute, so it wasn't that hard to decide :) Sounds like a win-win situation all the way around.
I say give Cali a good ankle bite for messing with your heart. How rude! That was YOUR heart, specially given to you by your mom. Sorry, I got mad there for a second.

Kitty and Coco

4:09 PM  
Blogger said...

kitty + coco, i tell ya i love my big girl cali, but taking that chunk outta my heart was just not called for, she does like toys though...stay tuned for my post on posts will be a little crazy, but mom said i can have a little "lee way"...whatever that means...

5:47 PM  

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