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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Oh my aching back
That's me. Underneath that fur ball of sassy–um...sisterly love is sweet, loveable me. I'm a pushover. I get walked on, sat on, tripped over. It's ok with me, I do feel the love. Cali keeps my ears and face clean. My sister Betty, well, she licks my face, not to groom me, but to get any food bits after dinner. I see right through her. I haven't fully understood why she sits on top of me, but she does it all the time. I think because it's her way of being close to me, sure it may be because she wants to be warm, but it's the middle of summer and it's hot! So I think it's because deep down she wants to be close to me. Cookie acts like I'm not around, but she plays with me in the backyard by spinning around and barking, then she starts running knowing I'll chase her. If I don't, she stops and looks at me like "well"?

Which brings me to saying I feel kinda bad that we haven't been showing our love by blogging more. We need to fix that. I know people have wondered where we are lately. Mom has an achy back and she doesn't like sitting in front of the computer much this week, or last week. So we've all been resting lately during these warm days. She says it hurts her lower back to sit for a long time, and then when she stands up, she doesn't quite make it fully vertical. We feel her pain. Cali stands beside her and helps her stand up when she's sitting on the floor. Mom's been trying these yoga stretches to help her get flexible. We think it's working. She says her back is like the stock market, every few years it crashes. She's been through a lot lately. She also says her lower back is like a sponge—absorbs everything. She's also been lifting a lot of boxes up lots of stairs as well. I think she's admitted it's her fault, but she's been sad about her dad too, so I think it all adds up.

So anyway I've had an idea for a while now, and a couple weeks ago I wanted to bring it up to mom, but when she started complaining about her back, I decided not to ask. I'll wait a few days.

We've been trying to show our love by reading other blogs lately and hope that more of you will read and follow us. We think you'll have fun with us here.

feelin' the love,
Miles ^..^

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Blogger Kitty+Coco said...

I concur, more blogging please! Glad to have found you.
My mum has a bulging disk, whatever that means. I don't help that much considering I demand to be carried outside and lifted onto the bed.
We heard that chocolate will make the human feel better..might tell her to give it a try.

Kitty and Coco

11:50 PM  
Blogger said...

Welcome Kitty+Coco! Glad you found us! Back problems must be awful for our moms since they always bend and pick up after us or pick us up too. Oooo mom does love chocolate. We wish she'd let us have some, but she says it's just for her. Although one time mom left a bag of those little wrapped chocolates on the counter and Cali the shorthair (miss tall legs) counter surfed and snagged the bag, mom found little wrappers in her poop for days! Luckily Cali was ok from eating them...whew!


9:59 AM  

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