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Friday, July 30, 2010
To sniff or not to sniff...
So this week has been a very busy week for us and our mom. I think we've been in the car more than we've been enjoying our beds. That's good though, we like being on the move. We've been to this new place that's quite different from what we're used to. A bike path. A walking path. A running path. But more importantly, a dog path. Every morning this week we've gotten in the car. And every morning it seems she's starting to get this dog walking thing figured out with each day. Everyday is an experiment she says.

It's been somewhat of an adventure. We get this great one-on-one time with her. Cali gets to sniff for wildlife, I get to see new people...and it gets better. This wonderful elderly couple has been on the path when we're there about the same time each day. And they love frenchies. That means attention. And treats. Mom likes them too, which is important. Interestingly, she decides who we get to talk to, and she doesn't use her nose. She even filters what dogs we sniff! I'm not really sure about her logic. It seems other dogs are connected to their humans' leashes in more ways than one, and we have no idea what that means. I think she senses the humans. Strange communication. City life.

It gets even more complicated in the blogosphere. On some dog blogs, dogs—or their humans—acknowledge us when we're allowed to sniff—uh, comment—and some don't. And that goes with our blog too. But, she really wants us to be social and make a connection with everyone, to be better bloggers. It's one big dog park, right? She loves it when dogs reach out to us, and we welcome all, and try to respond. At dog parks we hear the same thing goes, and we'll start to examine some next week here in the city. When you live in the country all your life, you get set in your ways and you just hang with your own pack. And when you start to explore a city, the whole dynamic changes (nice word mom). That's what the dog blog world feels like—it's all new area. Next week we'll have some more great pics from this concept known as social networking.

We'd like to know what you think about real dog parks, sniffing out new friends, and the virtual dog park known as the bloggiesphere?

Betty and Cali

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