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Monday, August 30, 2010
The best laid plans...

This weekend we were part of a rather unsuccessful photoshoot. It didn't surprise any of us since it wasn't planned well. I say this because I sat around wearing a sweater on a hot evening waiting for mom to get situated. The shoot she visualized didn't really work the way she intended. Sometimes her vision isn't executed the way she wants and she gets frustrated.

We'll do another shoot in a few days and maybe she won't take on everything at one time. I mean, I think she needs to do some shots one place and other shots at another time because we tend to get bored just standing around. We're great models, no attitude, no fuss, but we do get sleepy. See, she's promoting the fall and winter dog sweaters and other gear for There's also people stuff too that's really cool. She'll photograph and design this fall campaign and try to market it, hopefully with some success this year. We'll see. But we've got to get crackin'. Fall is just about here even though it's still hot out there. I think people are ready to put on a sweater and see colorful leaves again.

After the photoshoot, we got to lick leftover gargantuan Flintstone-era beef bones. We were treated to a bone of our own individually. Betty gets cross-eyed. Cali smiles when she eats hers, but she wasn't photographed. I was, but the pics were too blurry. I acted like I didn't know what to do with that big thing. In fact I didn't know where to start. Cookie was the funniest. She kept rotating her head around to get under the bone like the good stuff was on the other side. Looking at the pics with the bones, our bug-eyes were huge! The big girls wanted to take it out of her hands and walk off with it, but she doesn't let that happen being afraid of choking hazards and all. However, we were content to let her hold them for us so we could gnaw without getting too messy. We soon forgot about the photoshoot being a bust.

Ok, back to helping mom with her stuff, it's going to be a busy week.
Miles ^..^

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Monday, August 23, 2010
Can I go?

When I learned of Cali's and Betty's escapades last Friday, I had mixed feelings. I wanted to go, but it was a girl thing. Just girls. I really think it was because mom can only handle so much at one time, like two dogs at a time. She tries to spread the fun, I mean, I get to do things with her that the others don't, and they get to do some things that I don't get to do. I guess it's fair. I think if mom had another person with her to help, then I would have gotten to go and I could've invited some of my buddies. But mom promised me she would take me to that beach or to the pond close to where I live.

Saturday came around and so did mom and the girls. She told dad before she got to the house that I was going to the pond Saturday evening, but it was starting to get gloomy outside, so it was postponed. I was all ready to go too. I had my beach towel that I was sitting on, and my snorkel and mask, just waiting for mom to get into the car. Sunday was a bust. It rained all day. Today I thought I'd try again and meet mom at the car with my gear even though it was still raining outside. I was in her seat and ready to go. But she said not today. Again. Heck, mom has gone swimming at the pond in the rain when she was training for her triathlon last year! That's alright though. I'll get to the water soon because my mom promised me.

Banana split dive!
Miles ^..^

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Friday, August 20, 2010
Hey, let's go to the beach!
Today we were lounging around as she was at the computer working, and then she stood up and said, "let's go somewhere." But where? It's too hot out for walking. And then she said, "we're going to the beach!" The what? I'm not sure I've ever been there and Cali said she hasn't gone in years. Mom packed up a bag full of towels and water and things for us and a small bag for her. Plus she has a bucket of things for us in the car, so we're always prepared. Then she put on our leashes and we were in the car and on our way with hardly any traffic on a Friday afternoon. In less than 20 minutes we were at a beautiful house with a huge field in the back. There were some other well-behaved dogs in the distance. And on the horizon was a beautiful beach at the end of a long path. Breathtaking. So enjoy our pictures and our video! I think they say it all!

pee s...Cali feels better now...


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Thursday, August 19, 2010
Fetch those shoes, the running ones
I really think the flea issue is in control now. There may be a rogue flea hiding somewhere, but I don't have any on me today and no little black dots either. I'm getting used to the comb a little more each day. The other day mom was a hurricane spinning out of control shaking out beds, washing, sweeping, bathing, combing, and she wasn't even feeling all that great.

She's got way too much on her plate these days. She's been really busy in front of her computer or running errands, but she's been complaining that she hasn't worked out in a while. Worked out what, I don't know. Maybe it has to do with running down the street or swinging small heavy things around. Miles and I always bark at her when she swings those things around. They're balls with handles and she looks like a dork doing it, so we yell at her and tell her so. Cali runs with mom when it's not so hot outside, so they're looking forward to the fall months so they can get back into a running routine together. When mom runs alone she has white ear plugs with wires that go into her shirt...hhmm. Don't bother talking to her when she has those on, she can't hear. She says they make her run faster some days and farther other days. When Cali catches wind of mom putting on her special running clothes, she campaigns really hard, begging mom to take her too. Mom did a triathlon last year at this time, but I don't think she's in any shape to do that now, so I think I'll tell Cali to fetch her running shoes so she can get the hint. I wish she'd get back into some form of exercise though. She's even nicer.

There's also that thing she does in front of the TV where she stretches and gets into a pretzel. I even help her when she gets in some positions. I walk over and lick the sweat off. When she goes into a "down dog", I think she's wanting to play with me like she's talking my talk. Sometimes when she's struggling in one of those positions, I like to chew her big toe. And at the end, when she's lying on the floor dead, she grabs me and stretches my back legs on her stomach and my front legs on her chest and gives me a kiss on my nose. Doga is fun.

Do you help your human exercise? Well, time for my power nap.

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Monday, August 16, 2010
Whose afraid of the silver?

Well she did it this time. She pulled out the silver. I don't know who to blame for bringing the little bloodsuckers into the house, but she's on a mission to get rid of them. I could even be the culprit, but I won't admit it. Some of them must have jumped onto our fur at the dog walk/bike path in the city.

Last week she had Betty in the usual spot (lap) and noticed something moving on her back tucked into her fur. Next thing I know Betty was getting a bath outside. For some reason, I had to get one too because she said, and get this, "You stink". I stink? Well, whatever, I felt pretty good after. I can handle the water. Poor Betty cries. The water is too cold coming out of the hose. Doesn't bother me much. I have thick skin. Today Betty couldn't handle the silver that she pulled out of a bag either. Betty did not like the comb...but you should've seen what was in the comb when she dragged it along Betty's back! It was almost like mom wanted to see results (fleas) after each stroke of the comb. She got obsessed. She knew they were in her fur, and she wanted them out. Betty looked afraid and then she went off to hide when she was done. Of course I was next. I'm always next in everything. I gotta admit, I'm not a fan of the comb either. I don't like that thing touching my skin. But at least she got them off of me and their little eggs too. We need to be used to the comb for the next few days. And baths.

Uh, what about Cali and Cookie? They what? Don't have any? Another result of being vertically challenged—fleas don't have far to jump.

Yours truly,
Fleabag ^..^

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Thursday, August 12, 2010
Oh no, Cali's gonna be maaad at me when she sees today's blog. I mean she steps all over me and tosses me around enough during her fits of excitement like I'm not even there. I'm vertically challenged and all. It's not a vindictive thing. I just really want to talk about mom and how crafty she is. I've heard her say things like: "I want to do things on a larger scale", or "I need to get myself on the board", or "I need to take part in some effort", and "I can't even look at another big achiever or I feel like a dud".

Here's what I think of all that: Poo. I know there's a ton of people in the world and sometimes I bet you've even said there's too many, but I think we all play our part and get things done whether it's on a grand scale like heading some huge rescue effort to making something small like knitting a sweater that keeps even one dog warm. Or maybe it's just taking a recycled grocery bag and making a diaper because...well...Cali's in heat. SShhh. Mom doesn't want a bunch of stray dogs scratching at our door. But back to the bigger picture. We do important things all the time everyday, even if not a single person other than yourself knows what it is. We all have purpose and it doesn't take a huge effort and self-exploration to find it. Sometimes the answer is there and we don't realize it.

Mom creates brochures that are seen by a lot of people. The subject ranges from coral reef conservation, the lives of dolphins, or a new exhibit featuring some really exotic animals to visit. She even brought the idea of pet therapy to some people in the world when she published her documentary on the subject years ago. Today she had a deadline to finish a brochure about how cool dolphins are and how people can appreciate them and the oceans they live in. But first she realized she left Cali's diaper at my dad's house. So she searched everywhere for a piece of material or something as a temporary fix. She used a recycled grocery bag that was so beat up that she thought that would do. So how does all this relate to each other? All this sense of purpose and makeshift diapers? I don't know. I'm a dog!

Go make something of yourselves,

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Monday, August 09, 2010
What would your human be?

Mom watches "True Blood" on Sunday nights on HBO. You can't even talk to her during the show, and unless you're curled up beside her before showtime, then you'll just have to lie on the floor. There's a character on there named Sam. He's what you call a shapeshifter. Shifters have a preferred shape that they can turn into or it can be of something they last saw. Sam's character on True Blood turns into a Collie as his preferred form or maybe it's because he has a painting of a Collie in his office.

So last night mom asked herself what animal would be her preferred form that she would shift into. Betty and I looked at her and winked thinking she'd say French bulldog. Cali pranced by her and then we were sure she'd pick German shorthair since she's so...uh...lean and pretty and fast. But then we wondered if we were jumping the gun, I mean she might want to shift into a horse—they're big, majestic, and can run fast. But dogs can run fast too, and they can get through small spaces and hide from danger and dogs are welcomed in places horses aren't. So if she preferred to turn into a dog, I wonder what breed she would turn into? A Labrador retriever? A furry dog? One with short hair? A big dog? Or small like me? Or maybe a mixed breed? She can't decide. What would your human want to shift into if he or she could?

Have fun with it,

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Friday, August 06, 2010
Birthday hangover
This photo pretty much sums up our day today...tired. We're suffering from birthday hangover. Mom worked at the computer most of the day and we just took advantage of it and slept. Even when she got up to take a break, we lifted our head up to see what she was up to and then flopped back into our beds. This evening, she drove us all back to Connecticut after the rush hour crowd was gone. We slept all the way. Country roads are quiet. Cali was in the backseat. Sometimes she stuck her head out the window when we crossed over a lake. Miles was riding shotgun conveniently positioned under mom's outstretched hand. Me, well I was passed out in mom's lap, sshhh, I know it's not the safest.

As we left the city, we could feel the breeze blowing when she opened the windows. As mom used to say when she was a kid, "We're going to the country!" Her dad used to take her to the land in North Carolina that he inherited from his family. It's nice that we can leave the city and enjoy a few days in the country sometimes. We savored the scent of campfires from distant campgrounds infused with the hint of cooking.

We're so tired we can hardly keep our eyes open. Miles keeps curling up close to mom as she tries to watch an old James Bond movie. As soon as I post this, I'm going to join him. Cali is outside hunting. I think Cookie liked being alone for a few days, like she was on vacation. But for now all we can do is sleep and look forward to the weekend. Mom said she might pull out the copper firepit and cook up some campfire goodies tomorrow night..or the next night. We can't wait!

See you after the weekend,

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Thursday, August 05, 2010
Birthday playdate
Today has been a busy day and I'm just now writing this most important of entries. Today is Cali's birthday and I'm finally sorting out the pictures I want to use. First there was the drop off this morning in Providence where I would hook up with my girls. Playdate! Then we went into town to mom's place and took our morning nap while she worked at her computer. Betty said the crate was hers since she always dashed into it first. Cali's spot was under the desk by mom's feet, and so I took the liberty to get into mom's lap and then stretched out on the floor when I got too hot. During work breaks, we all played together, then more napping, a potty break, then one more nap. Cali got a sheep toy for her gift, but I think she likes the hedgehog she got last week better.

Then we were off to the bike/walk path I've heard a lot about. That was fun, but I was waiting for a little rain to cool us off. The clouds overhead were dark and scary looking. We took a short walk, so that the girls could show me around. Then we were off to Chipotles, where mom dashed in and got a big, fat burrito to go. Luckily there was no one in line she said. Then it was off to McDonalds for our burgers and her large sweet tea. On the way back, the sky opened up and poured as we were driving. Mom had to go check her email, gggrrr, and then made a phone call. It was killing us as we stood at the table looking at those two bags knowing that one of them was for us. And then finally she focused on us. She opened the bag with the burgers and sang happy birthday to Cali as she fed us. We were stuffed and tired after that. She ate her burrito, but we weren't too tired to beg. Happy birthday big sista!

A round of sloppy kisses on the house,
Miles ^..^

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Ladies luncheon
Today Cali and I were treated to a surprise. Mom had a few hours of work to do this morning at the computer. We napped in our usual spots by her desk. She has a stack of colorful papers with red writing all over them. So she makes sense of it and corrects all the things marked up in red. Sometimes she goes cross-eyed. This morning things got a little blurry and she had to leave the computer for a bit. She said her head hurt too. After a break, she sat down and worked a little more and then got ready to go somewhere. Of course we were very inquisitive about where she was going and why in the middle of the day.

And then she put our collars on and we were headed to the car. She said we were going to lunch at a nice dog-friendly restaurant where we could sit outside and people watch. She was meeting a friend, someone I'm sure we've met before. We parked in a shady spot by a nice park so the car would be somewhat cool when we returned. We went to a place called India in Providence. We sat in a nice cozy spot beside a bunch of flowers. We heard about a doggie menu, but that was quickly brushed aside when her friend arrived. They started blabbing as girls tend to do. They blabbed so much that the waiter came over several times to take their order and they hadn't even looked at the menu. I sat under the table and watched the whole thing go down. I'm sure Cali had fun poking her head out of the flower boxes to greet people as they walked by. We were glad to take another car trip and socialize out in the world—even though it's a little warm out there. Tomorrow I hear there's another surprise and I'm not sure what's on mom's mind either!

See you tomorrow,

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010
The experiment
Today I got a taste of "tough love" and I'm not sure about it. Mom admits she showers me with attention because I have a terminal case of velcro-itis. She thinks it's because I push her gooey buttons, you know, the ones that make her go "aww, come here". When I give her the gooey look with my eyes or when I lightly put my paws on her leg when she's sitting in a chair and say, "pick me up", she always picks me up. Mom loves that I have velcro-itis, and because of that, I quite simply own her. You might say I'm spoiled, but I'm a good spoiled meaning when I get to go into dog-friendly places, I'm quiet, I stick close to mom, I don't make noise, and I don't sniff around. And I'm complimented for being good. I guess it's one thing to be good spoiled, but sometimes I'm bad spoiled, like when she leaves me and I scream from the bottom of my gut.

I know it sends shivers down her spine, and sometime she turns around and tries to figure out another method to get me to be quiet. Sometimes I get confused, so it doesn't work. Cali has a case of the velcro too. Cali likes to be all over her and lick her face and show off with her "heel" trick and her "fetch" trick. She sometimes goofs on the "stay" trick. But when mom leaves her, she starts to whine too. That also sends shivers down her spine. I've seen mom do the tough love thing with her, though. I guess because she's taller and crazier and so maybe needs more of a firm talking to. But today she said she was going to try an experiment. On Cali and me.

She put me in my nice comfy crate and shut me in it. I do find comfort in there, so I went along with it. She has my crate under her desk and I walk in and out of it at my leisure. She let Cali be free and then she walked out of her office and shut the door. Cali started to whine. I started to do the same. Before I could really let the pipes rip, she came back in the door and used her mean voice and said "shut up". Then she walked out again. We peeped. She came back in and made a really mad face and said the same thing. She left again. And stayed. Then she came back in and didn't really say anything. She put on some classical music for us which I thought was really nice. Then she left again. She was gone for at least 15 minutes. She must have snuck out and gone to that cool Thai market. She came back and opened the door and acted like she wasn't really happy to see us, but I could tell she was on the inside. Anyway, we ran to the kitchen and she unpacked a bag full of vegetables. Then we all went back into her office and Cali plopped on the floor under her desk. I looked up at her and said, "pick me up". And she said, "aww come here".

Until next post,

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Monday, August 02, 2010
Sensory overload

It's Monday, and here I am. Although I wasn't sure I was going to make it back, since I've been busy today running errands. So many things to do such as going to the Post Office to mail some bills and then to drop off a bigger package into a FedEx box. That package will be in Florida by tomorrow—actually that's where I was born! The best part of the trip was saved for last. The feed store. When I walk into this place, I get the same feeling as when mom walks into a Whole Foods store. It's sensory overload.

There are rows and rows of collars and leashes, bags of dog food stacked almost to the ceiling, dog beauty products and accessories, dog snacks, and dog toys. We sure could spend a whole paycheck in here too. Mom drops the leash in the dog toy aisle so that I can take my time and decide what I want. I never can decide so she helps me. The best part is when people come over and talk to me. They actually kneel down and pet me. They tell mom how I make them laugh because of the way I sniff and snort and wiggle and make my alien noises. I always try to give a kiss, but I miss most of the time. I just get so carried away.

I'm really tired now, we all just ate, and I can only take so much excitement for one day. So it's nap time for me. I just wanted to let everyone see the wall of toys I was subjected to. How can I decide? Mom found a chew toy in the shape of a stegosaurus. But I think I might give it to Betty. She likes shiny new things. I have plenty of chew toys at home. Besides mom gave me some really yummy treats to eat while we were at the store. Instant gratification!

Miles ^..^

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