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Monday, August 30, 2010
The best laid plans...

This weekend we were part of a rather unsuccessful photoshoot. It didn't surprise any of us since it wasn't planned well. I say this because I sat around wearing a sweater on a hot evening waiting for mom to get situated. The shoot she visualized didn't really work the way she intended. Sometimes her vision isn't executed the way she wants and she gets frustrated.

We'll do another shoot in a few days and maybe she won't take on everything at one time. I mean, I think she needs to do some shots one place and other shots at another time because we tend to get bored just standing around. We're great models, no attitude, no fuss, but we do get sleepy. See, she's promoting the fall and winter dog sweaters and other gear for There's also people stuff too that's really cool. She'll photograph and design this fall campaign and try to market it, hopefully with some success this year. We'll see. But we've got to get crackin'. Fall is just about here even though it's still hot out there. I think people are ready to put on a sweater and see colorful leaves again.

After the photoshoot, we got to lick leftover gargantuan Flintstone-era beef bones. We were treated to a bone of our own individually. Betty gets cross-eyed. Cali smiles when she eats hers, but she wasn't photographed. I was, but the pics were too blurry. I acted like I didn't know what to do with that big thing. In fact I didn't know where to start. Cookie was the funniest. She kept rotating her head around to get under the bone like the good stuff was on the other side. Looking at the pics with the bones, our bug-eyes were huge! The big girls wanted to take it out of her hands and walk off with it, but she doesn't let that happen being afraid of choking hazards and all. However, we were content to let her hold them for us so we could gnaw without getting too messy. We soon forgot about the photoshoot being a bust.

Ok, back to helping mom with her stuff, it's going to be a busy week.
Miles ^..^

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Blogger K-9 Katastrophe said...

Hey I like your sweaters! And I like bones tooo!


4:27 PM  

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