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Thursday, August 05, 2010
Birthday playdate
Today has been a busy day and I'm just now writing this most important of entries. Today is Cali's birthday and I'm finally sorting out the pictures I want to use. First there was the drop off this morning in Providence where I would hook up with my girls. Playdate! Then we went into town to mom's place and took our morning nap while she worked at her computer. Betty said the crate was hers since she always dashed into it first. Cali's spot was under the desk by mom's feet, and so I took the liberty to get into mom's lap and then stretched out on the floor when I got too hot. During work breaks, we all played together, then more napping, a potty break, then one more nap. Cali got a sheep toy for her gift, but I think she likes the hedgehog she got last week better.

Then we were off to the bike/walk path I've heard a lot about. That was fun, but I was waiting for a little rain to cool us off. The clouds overhead were dark and scary looking. We took a short walk, so that the girls could show me around. Then we were off to Chipotles, where mom dashed in and got a big, fat burrito to go. Luckily there was no one in line she said. Then it was off to McDonalds for our burgers and her large sweet tea. On the way back, the sky opened up and poured as we were driving. Mom had to go check her email, gggrrr, and then made a phone call. It was killing us as we stood at the table looking at those two bags knowing that one of them was for us. And then finally she focused on us. She opened the bag with the burgers and sang happy birthday to Cali as she fed us. We were stuffed and tired after that. She ate her burrito, but we weren't too tired to beg. Happy birthday big sista!

A round of sloppy kisses on the house,
Miles ^..^

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cali! Thank you for sharing your busy day with us.

Wiggles and slobber,
Brodie The Yellow Lab

6:34 AM  

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