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Tuesday, August 03, 2010
The experiment
Today I got a taste of "tough love" and I'm not sure about it. Mom admits she showers me with attention because I have a terminal case of velcro-itis. She thinks it's because I push her gooey buttons, you know, the ones that make her go "aww, come here". When I give her the gooey look with my eyes or when I lightly put my paws on her leg when she's sitting in a chair and say, "pick me up", she always picks me up. Mom loves that I have velcro-itis, and because of that, I quite simply own her. You might say I'm spoiled, but I'm a good spoiled meaning when I get to go into dog-friendly places, I'm quiet, I stick close to mom, I don't make noise, and I don't sniff around. And I'm complimented for being good. I guess it's one thing to be good spoiled, but sometimes I'm bad spoiled, like when she leaves me and I scream from the bottom of my gut.

I know it sends shivers down her spine, and sometime she turns around and tries to figure out another method to get me to be quiet. Sometimes I get confused, so it doesn't work. Cali has a case of the velcro too. Cali likes to be all over her and lick her face and show off with her "heel" trick and her "fetch" trick. She sometimes goofs on the "stay" trick. But when mom leaves her, she starts to whine too. That also sends shivers down her spine. I've seen mom do the tough love thing with her, though. I guess because she's taller and crazier and so maybe needs more of a firm talking to. But today she said she was going to try an experiment. On Cali and me.

She put me in my nice comfy crate and shut me in it. I do find comfort in there, so I went along with it. She has my crate under her desk and I walk in and out of it at my leisure. She let Cali be free and then she walked out of her office and shut the door. Cali started to whine. I started to do the same. Before I could really let the pipes rip, she came back in the door and used her mean voice and said "shut up". Then she walked out again. We peeped. She came back in and made a really mad face and said the same thing. She left again. And stayed. Then she came back in and didn't really say anything. She put on some classical music for us which I thought was really nice. Then she left again. She was gone for at least 15 minutes. She must have snuck out and gone to that cool Thai market. She came back and opened the door and acted like she wasn't really happy to see us, but I could tell she was on the inside. Anyway, we ran to the kitchen and she unpacked a bag full of vegetables. Then we all went back into her office and Cali plopped on the floor under her desk. I looked up at her and said, "pick me up". And she said, "aww come here".

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