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Thursday, August 19, 2010
Fetch those shoes, the running ones
I really think the flea issue is in control now. There may be a rogue flea hiding somewhere, but I don't have any on me today and no little black dots either. I'm getting used to the comb a little more each day. The other day mom was a hurricane spinning out of control shaking out beds, washing, sweeping, bathing, combing, and she wasn't even feeling all that great.

She's got way too much on her plate these days. She's been really busy in front of her computer or running errands, but she's been complaining that she hasn't worked out in a while. Worked out what, I don't know. Maybe it has to do with running down the street or swinging small heavy things around. Miles and I always bark at her when she swings those things around. They're balls with handles and she looks like a dork doing it, so we yell at her and tell her so. Cali runs with mom when it's not so hot outside, so they're looking forward to the fall months so they can get back into a running routine together. When mom runs alone she has white ear plugs with wires that go into her shirt...hhmm. Don't bother talking to her when she has those on, she can't hear. She says they make her run faster some days and farther other days. When Cali catches wind of mom putting on her special running clothes, she campaigns really hard, begging mom to take her too. Mom did a triathlon last year at this time, but I don't think she's in any shape to do that now, so I think I'll tell Cali to fetch her running shoes so she can get the hint. I wish she'd get back into some form of exercise though. She's even nicer.

There's also that thing she does in front of the TV where she stretches and gets into a pretzel. I even help her when she gets in some positions. I walk over and lick the sweat off. When she goes into a "down dog", I think she's wanting to play with me like she's talking my talk. Sometimes when she's struggling in one of those positions, I like to chew her big toe. And at the end, when she's lying on the floor dead, she grabs me and stretches my back legs on her stomach and my front legs on her chest and gives me a kiss on my nose. Doga is fun.

Do you help your human exercise? Well, time for my power nap.

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Blogger K-9 Katastrophe said...

How fun! I love when my Mommy does that strange thing called yoga. She looks so funny. I am going to ask her to help me do some doga!

Doxie love,

11:41 PM  

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