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Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Ladies luncheon
Today Cali and I were treated to a surprise. Mom had a few hours of work to do this morning at the computer. We napped in our usual spots by her desk. She has a stack of colorful papers with red writing all over them. So she makes sense of it and corrects all the things marked up in red. Sometimes she goes cross-eyed. This morning things got a little blurry and she had to leave the computer for a bit. She said her head hurt too. After a break, she sat down and worked a little more and then got ready to go somewhere. Of course we were very inquisitive about where she was going and why in the middle of the day.

And then she put our collars on and we were headed to the car. She said we were going to lunch at a nice dog-friendly restaurant where we could sit outside and people watch. She was meeting a friend, someone I'm sure we've met before. We parked in a shady spot by a nice park so the car would be somewhat cool when we returned. We went to a place called India in Providence. We sat in a nice cozy spot beside a bunch of flowers. We heard about a doggie menu, but that was quickly brushed aside when her friend arrived. They started blabbing as girls tend to do. They blabbed so much that the waiter came over several times to take their order and they hadn't even looked at the menu. I sat under the table and watched the whole thing go down. I'm sure Cali had fun poking her head out of the flower boxes to greet people as they walked by. We were glad to take another car trip and socialize out in the world—even though it's a little warm out there. Tomorrow I hear there's another surprise and I'm not sure what's on mom's mind either!

See you tomorrow,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Betty!

You look so cute! I wish I could go to a place where they have doggie menues!

My human read the story about Chocolate Peanut on your web site and it brought tears to her eyes. You see, my little Boston Terrier sister passed away a few days ago. My Mommy is very sad. Chocolate Peanut sounds like she was a wonderful doggie.

Licks and wiggles,

Brodie The Yellow Lab

10:51 PM  
Blogger said...

Oh Brodie, I'm truly sorry and understand your loss. It's so difficult, but just keeping yourself surrounded by the support of friends helps so much. Thanks for stopping by our blog and hopefully your tail will wag more as time goes by.

~ all of us at

11:03 PM  

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