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Monday, August 09, 2010
What would your human be?

Mom watches "True Blood" on Sunday nights on HBO. You can't even talk to her during the show, and unless you're curled up beside her before showtime, then you'll just have to lie on the floor. There's a character on there named Sam. He's what you call a shapeshifter. Shifters have a preferred shape that they can turn into or it can be of something they last saw. Sam's character on True Blood turns into a Collie as his preferred form or maybe it's because he has a painting of a Collie in his office.

So last night mom asked herself what animal would be her preferred form that she would shift into. Betty and I looked at her and winked thinking she'd say French bulldog. Cali pranced by her and then we were sure she'd pick German shorthair since she's so...uh...lean and pretty and fast. But then we wondered if we were jumping the gun, I mean she might want to shift into a horse—they're big, majestic, and can run fast. But dogs can run fast too, and they can get through small spaces and hide from danger and dogs are welcomed in places horses aren't. So if she preferred to turn into a dog, I wonder what breed she would turn into? A Labrador retriever? A furry dog? One with short hair? A big dog? Or small like me? Or maybe a mixed breed? She can't decide. What would your human want to shift into if he or she could?

Have fun with it,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think my owner would be a lazy lab like me! Or a lazy greyhound.

Wiggles and licks,
Brodie the Yellow Lab

7:45 PM  
Blogger jen said...

Sherman and Leroy think there human would be a bullmastiff, because she means business, but is a softie at heart!

11:55 PM  

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